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Roof Scan Inc

Infrared and Nuclear Moisture Surveys

Roof Scan, Inc. was formed in 1991 by Chip Cipriani & Dave Rathbun. Each of the founders has over 35 years of experience in the design, specification and evaluation of roofing systems. We have the experience, expertise and dedication to quality service, to assure you that our work will always be performed to the highest professional standards.


Roof Scan, Inc. specializes in Professional Diagnostic Roofing Services. Services include; Infrared Roof Moisture Surveys, Nuclear Roof Moisture Surveys, Roof Inspections, Roof Condition and Assessment Surveys, and Certified Asbestos Testing.


Roof Scan, Inc. has a long client list that includes; Architects, Roof Consultants, Contractors, Manufacturers, Schools, Property Managers, Realty Companies, Corporations, Hospitals, Government, and Building Owners.

“An Infrared or Nuclear Roof Moisture Survey can locate hidden moisture within your roof system before serious damage or leakage occurs.  In most cases, subsurface moisture cannot be detected during a visual inspection.“


Benefits Of A Moisture Survey

    Locate wet insulation

    Locate defects in the roof membrane

    Isolate leak source areas

     Accurately determine the scope of work before issuing a roof repair or replacement contract

     Eliminate extras during construction

     Check the integrity and workmanship of a new roof system or major repair

     Insure that the manufacturer’s warranty will be issued

     Develop roof asset management and preventive maintenance programs

    Drastically reduce roofing repair or replacement costs


  "By finding defects and problem areas early, our infrared , nuclear roof moisture surveys, and our roof inspections can greatly extend the useful service life of your roofing system.  A moisture survey and roof inspection will also show exactly what corrective work (repair or replacement) needs to be done to properly repair your roof for the minimum expenditure."  

Contact Information:

  Toll Free Telephone - 888-690-1660  
  Fax Number -             518-272-6198    
Address: Roof Scan Inc.
                  22 Neilson Avenue    
                  Stillwater, New York 12170  
  General Info:  info@roofscaninc.com  

  Webmaster:    mrkdoyle@roofscaninc.com


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